Ladder rules

Game Mode: Online Versus Head-to-Head League
FM Teams: allowed teams list on ladder page
Match Procedure: two-leg fixture, match and rematch
Final Result: aggregate score, scores of both legs are added together
Match Media: screenshots

1. How to begin:

- Register account
- Add steam profile with your current steam nick
- Join the ladder and wait for Admin approve

2. Match rules

Game Version: All matches must be played with the latest version of the game.
FM Teams: match played with 2 different FM Teams from allowed teams list on ladder page.
Challenger player chooses his team on Challenge form and challenged player chooses different team from allowed teams list when accepting challenge. Matches played with 2 same teams will be cancelled. Both teams has tu use original squad. Host starts Online Versus Head-to-Head League and players play two 90 minutes matches - match and rematch.

3. Final result

Final result is aggregate score from 2 matches. For example: first match score 3:1, second match score: 1:2 - final result: 4:3

4. Screenshots

A scoreboard screenshot of each matches is mandatory only in the case of Match Conflict. When both players accept final result screenshots are not required.
Screenshot should be placed on Match report or Match conflict form if necessary.

5. Before the match - Challenge

Player challenges opponent on ladder page by pressing the red circle button on the right side of the ladder table.
On the Challenge form player is choosing his FM team and date & time of the game. Challenger can additionally specify a name and password of the server. After completing form by pressing challenge button challenge appears in main menu on notifications link at OUTGOING CHALLANGES list. Challenger is waiting for accepting challenge by opponent.
Challenged player receives notification on main menu with INCOMMING CHALLANGES list.
By pressing accept button and choosing his FM Team (must be different!) challenged player accept challenge.
Challenge is waiting now on open matches main menu link for final result confirmed by both players.

6. During the match

If the game is aborted, due to connection problems of one of the players, this game must be resumed, playing only the minutes that last to the 90 minutes. The server has to be the same. For example: A game was aborted in the 64th minutes and the score was 2-1. Participants must play 26 minutes plus 3 minutes extra time (so 29 minutes) at the same ground, and if the score is 1-1 then they must add it to the 2-1 score, so the final result will be 3-2.
If a player is sent off while the game is running, and there is a game disconnection, the team that had the player coming out must place the Reserves team keeper playing on his place.

7. After the match

Both players has to visit open matches link on main menu and click enter result icon. The first player who will do it enter score. Second player confirm the score, enter different result or begins Match Conflict.

8. Match conflicts

The match conflict system functions as a court room with ACL admins acting as judges. A match conflict can be made when the result entered by one player is not accepted by the other.
In the conflict both sides must explain the problem in a short but clear and complete way. Both sides should state the match result they claim and only relevant and proven facts may be mentioned. This can be in the match conflict form. Examples of valid proof are demos and in-game screenshots. Any form of abuse, starting off-topic discussions, making unproven accusations, needless repeating already mentioned facts or any other comments not relevant to solving the case, if done excessively, will result in a conflict loss.
Falsifying evidence in a match conflict results in a ladder suspension. If both players violated the ladder rules in a way that would award them both a forfeit loss, the match will be cancelled. It is strictly forbidden to contact any admin in private to defend your case. Anything you have to say must be said openly. Trying to influence an admin in private will lead to a conflict loss. Match conflicts are never urgent and the admin will typically let a week go by before looking at a case to give both sides the chance to explain their case. Wait patiently until a decision is made. Only when a conflict is older than one month, you can mail/pm the game supervisor. Match conflicts will be judged by the ladder rules at the time of the match and by the match rules agreed upon in the challenge form. Players who repeatedly make conflicts will be suspended, if they have no foundation in the rules or they are clearly made for the sole purpose of complicating the match process. Players who repeatedly violate the ladder rules and force other players into making conflicts will also be suspended.
Players must write conflicts and comments in the English language only, everything not mentioned in English will be ignored.

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